Group Counseling

Elizabeth Hadley Newberg Group Counseling

Elizabeth Hadley Group Counseling in Newberg

Art Exploration

A small group of 3-5 people gather together for a 6 week series which explores healing through various dynamic and powerful art mediums. The goal of this group is to explore the subconscious and how it relates to our every day struggles or celebrations. I provide everything you need to come engage in art therapy

Group Counseling

including paint, brushes, canvas etc. This approach offers a reflective, self motivated engagement in your personal journey to healing. We meet for a 90 minute session each week, $40 per session ($30 if you bring your own paint supplies). Please call if you are interested in joining our next group series!

Group Details

Issues: Anxiety, Depression, Relationship Issues, Life changes
Age: Teenagers РAdults

Session Cost

$30 – $40